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Mithril Backers

On my Patreon Page, if people pledge $8 a month, they’ll get to design there own character who lives in the world of the comic and shows up from time to time. This page is a special thanks to these fine backers!

mithril_backer_soma_tumblrBNAME: Soma

BIO: A mysterious adventurer, Soma wanders the countryside fighting demons, bandits, and other threats, keeping the roads and pathways clear for others like herself. While mostly traveling alone, Soma is often seen accompanied by a spectral wolf familiar, fierce and loyal to her both on and off the battle field.

CREATOR: Lee Cherolis, excellent cartoonist of Little Gaurdians

NAME: Triathedon

BIO: A fighting monster summoned to this world by a wizard then forgotten. It is perceived as a bully because it communicates only by screaming its name and fighting. To those who can understand the creature, its homeworld sounds like a hell of slavery and unending bloodshed.

CREATOR: Roberto “Xerxes” Zinfandel

mithril_backer_grawnwopper_tumblrNAME: Grawn Wopper

BIO: He practices animal husbandry with lizards. He also enjoys drinking, fighting for the establishment wherever he is – even if they don’t like him – and they usually don’t. He’s lawful neutral in alignment because the local laws are almost always right (unless they are related to killing him).

CREATOR: Luke Herr, of the Multiversal Q Podcast!