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About the Artist

Kyle Latino is a comic artist and gamewright. His work encourages slow-looking at small moments and emotions. Latino earned his MFA at the University of Cincinnati. His games have been shown at the Contemporary Arts Center as well as smaller venues in Cincinnati. His comics have been published by such companies as Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics, along with his original graphic novel, published at Oni Press and distributed at Simon & Schuster. Latino lives and works in the Midwest of the United States.


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This Comic is Completed
This comic is completed. After 4 years, to the day, The Savage Beard of She Dwarf has concluded. Thank you for everyone who read my comic! The graphic novel is published by Oni Press! Please ask your local comic store, book store, or library to order a copy of the graphic novel for you! The book is also available for order on amazon dot com, in case that turns out to be the best option for you.

About the Story
She Dwarf in on a quest to the Lost Underground Dwarven Kingdom of Dammerung to see if she really is the last dwarf alive in the world. On her quest, she has picked up the begrudging companionship of Hack Battler the Barbarian, who must accompany She Dwarf to Dammerung as a condition of his membership in his Barbarian Warband. Clues are scarce, but our heroes are unflappable… well, She Dwarf is unflappable, at least.
Is the main character’s name really “She Dwarf”?
Yes. It’s not “Shedwarf” or “She-Dwarf” it is “She Dwarf”. It’s not a first name/ last name thing, that’s just her name.
What happened to Dammerung?
The only person who seemed to know for certain was She Dwarf’s mother, Battle Mother. She didn’t tell anyone before she died in battle a few years before our story begins. What happened down there, what is currently down there, where it is, and how to get in are all unknown at this point.
Who is Muscle Hawk?
Is She Dwarf a bad person?
That’s up to you to decide for yourself. Keep in mind, just because She Dwarf is the main character, doesn’t mean that you or I are suppose to agree with her all the time. It only means we are supposed to root for her on her quest and personal growth.
What do you use to make the comic?
Below is my basic process for drawing the comic. If you want a more in depth look, consider pledging on my patreon page for process commentary on each page.
1) I rough out each page with a #2 pencil on regular 8×10 printer paper.
2) I scan in those pencil pages, turn the lines to a light blue, and print them out on 11×17 Canson Fanboy Comic Book Art Boards.
3) I ink and letter the art boards with Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen, Super Fine (DP-800S#1).
4) I scan in the inks and color in Photoshop CS4.