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When you spend WAY too much time prepping a non-combat encounter and your players are just like… nah.

LOVE THIS! At this point Kyle just assume I am going to put “EXCELLENT! WOW! I LOVE IT!” At the beginning of every reaction to She Dwarf. This is now implied.

I love that first panel, it’s striking and beautifully done. I love how the Sphinx’s booming voice fills the panels. The torch lighting as they enter the temple is gorgeous. And then the Sphinx’s little eye dots and tiny voice in the last panel… just such nice touches. I am thoroughly enjoying all of this.

Thanks, Lee! Chapter 2 has been really fun. Every page I post I think, “this was too indulgent and my readers will lose interest” but so far you guys are really along for the ride! Thank you for the kind words and enthusiasm!

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