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Totally hooked on this. Does She-Dwarf have a stay at home dad, or does he just grow it out for the fighting season?

Wow, that’s a really cool question. She Dwarf’s dad is a chandler, so he works from home making candles and soaps. You can see his work on the shelves to the right in the top panel. As for how he captured the heart of Battle Mother of Dammerung, well, you’ll have to wait. 🙂

Having made candles…I can see how a big ol’ beard might get in the way!! I knew a candlemaker with only a medium-sized one…he was famous for his Troll-B-Gone scented candles shaped like little wizards.

I also like that he’s beardless. If it’s Dwarf men traditionally do not keep beards or he’s a halfling and this is a mixed race family, I love it either way.

So is She-Dwarf dad’s a hobbit/halfling? The lack of beard, the hairy feet and the stay-at-home feel of him makes me believe so!!! If so having a mixed family is a very cute idea. :3

Also: The more I read this comic, the more I want to cosplay She-Dwarf!!! ( T u T)9

Yep Yep! She Dwarf’s dad is a halfling! You can actually see, she has fuzzy feet too! She Dwarf is 50% dwarf, 50% halfling. Good eye! Also: I’d love to see some cosplay! \(^~^ )/

OMG I just found this comic, thanks to Jon Erick’s (@HonestlyJon) recommendation on Twitter. I already wanted to cosplay She Dwarf, but now I am almost crying because I want to cosplay her so bad. SHE ME!

All I need now is someone with an impossible physique and a taste for rodents to join me as Muscle Hawk.

So, is she a bit of a Baggins? Or more of a Took? I think with her honor and forthrightness, she may be more Baggins.

So is this going to be a Bambi’s mom moment?

If Bambi’s mom killed every last hunter in the tri-state area, then yes. And definitely Took. Rumor has it that they took a fairy wife somewhere back in the ancestry.

Things not mentioned in Bambi – this is explicitly why the hunter took Bambi’s mom down – it was a revenge killing on behalf of all the hunters she’d killed in her youth. If we could have followed the hunter’s story, we’d have witnessed almost a tragedy of greek proportions, endless waves of death across the tri–state area, men, women, teenagers who wore flannels because they didn’t know any better! But the hunter was crafty, waited until motherhood had made her vulnerable, and then he took his chance (see, normally she’d have gotten him, but to protect her kid, she risked a wounded bird strategy, just as planned)!

Also not seen, Bambi raising his daughter on stories of hunter cruelty, followed by a fast cut to Bambi’s daughter massacring (in a totally epic cinematic fashion) a wedding party of hunters. The cycle of violence continues…

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