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WAAAAH NO not the beautiful map!!! ELF WHYYYY D;

Listen, I’m upset too! That map took a long time to draw, but then that elf just comes and BLAMO!

My, how I hate it when that happens, it really messes with the plot. I’m currently writing a novel based around the premise of characters who don’t do what the author intends of them.
Really, the author is the villain of the most stories; the malevolent god who creates a beautiful world and populates it with interesting characters, then torments the entire thing for their own (and other’s) entertainment.
So… what happens when the characters decide they’ve had enough? I’m not sure, but I’m learning as I write…

Hm, well, she certainly puts a new spin on the concept of “Gunmage”.

I thought it might spice up the presentation a bit more from your normal wand waving. 🙂

I’m just so glad for this. Waaay back in the day, Wendy and Richard Pini (Elfquest) said they were asked why there weren’t any black elves and they said wait for the color version of Elfquest to come out. I’m VERY happy that there’s more diversity in this comic.

I didn’t know that about Elfquest. I know I’ve heard people say that there are no female dwarves before. I’ve heard complaints about “historically accurate” when it comes to showing certain people in fantasy settings. Personally, I want to be as thoughtful and inclusive as I know how with the specific story I’m telling. I think of She Dwarf is an American fantasy story, not that it takes place in America, but that it’s for Americans. So the peoples of the story need to resemble American readers. So, I’m very glad that you are glad. 🙂

There are female dwarves in stories around the world. I got a glimpse on just how fast popular culture forgets stuff when Doctor Who changed to 12 and a co-worker said, “But I thought he was supposed to get younger with every regeneration!” Um. Nope.

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