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If the elf isn’t lying about Dammagrung, you’d thing she could just say why she is so determined to keep people out of it. For example, “Don’t go there its stuffed full of zombie ghosts!”

Or ghost zombies.

She would have said that if Hack didn’t jump her! Hack and She Dwarf don’t seem to be open to notes on their quest at this point either. Haha. I hear your concern, and what you are talking about is a pet peeve of mine as well, so it’ll come up soonish later.

This page is one of my all time favs. I LOVE this dynamic SO MUCH! This is how Sam and I talk after we both discover a new artist we both love. “Holy crap, Sam! Did you See that art Sam!? It was so good! Sam, I love this comic! Sam!”


Haha! Yay! It just kinda sprung from my attempt to have characters refer to each other by name every few pages, and this page happened to have a funny kind of rhythm to it.

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