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And the solid buddy comedy dialog continues! I did NOT originally think I was going to like Hack on the team this much but they’ve got that CHEMISTRY, man!

Same here


I suspect (due to the elf’s level of cleanliness) that she doesn’t actually hang out in a swamp. But then, she might also posses supernatural personal tidiness magics. XD

I love the big tree roots coming up through the mire!! There is a pond surrounded by trees in a big graveyard near where I used to live in Erlanger, KY that is ringed all around with the root-stalagmites. The creepiness factor is pretty great. 😀

Sorry, I am a little lost. How much time has passed since they left the mountain? Did they go for beers and this is after, are they headed for beers, or are they trying to track the elf, beers forgotten for now?

Hi Ryan!!! Enough time has passed for Hack’s beard to get just a little bit longer and for She Dwarf to come up with this new, allegedly terrible, plan. They had beers and sang songs at Tavern Born. We will have to see what happens with them an the elf…

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