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I love that Monkey’s Paw aspect of fortune tellers in this world. Sort of a trickster vibe. Oh you’ll get what you ask for alright. 🙂 Very nice.

I’m hoping these two don’t stay separated for long.

Well, Hack considers them monkey paws. But, Hack has the social graces of a mud bound hippo in less than sufficient liquid. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got a bad set of accurate fortunes because none of the Oracles liked him. Possibly because he despoiled a few of the attendants…

Besides, it seems to me you can shop around on this – if a destiny is going in a direction you don’t want, ask a different Oracle and get off it. If you stop following a prophecy, you don’t go there…Either that, or you start dragging a giant timey-wimey ball of fate – so at least you don’t die until you’ve completed all of them. And/or you get the complicated mess like Hiranyakashipu’s death XD

Got here through DotL and holy cripes this is everything I’ve ever wanted given form. I could just c r y from joy ;w;

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