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Is that merchant a jawa or a FF’s black mage… EITHER WAY, I THINK THEY’RE ARE COOL AND SUSPICIOUS (?!)

This needs to be a poster.

I just have to say I ****adore**** how this comic has everything I love about the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser style of Sword and Sorcery without the casual racism, misogyny, and other crap- It’s like a total wish come true to see a phenomenally written comic with the best of old high fantasy left in and the worst thrown out, and a huge breath of fresh air and wit thrown in for good measure. Please keep this thing going for a whiiiiiile

Oh! Thank you! That is certainly my intention! I’m glad that it’s coming across that way for you! She Dwarf is going to be around for a whiiiile. So enjoy!

How long are you thinking might I ask? I’m no stranger to long form comics, just seeing how much might be in store.

We are about half way through the first story. After I finish the first story, I’ll decide if there is a second in me.

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