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Don’t Break Up the Party!

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Big news! The first chapter of the story that Jen Van Meter, Marissa Louise, and myself created together is out today! Find it here and buy it!

She Dwarf appears in this romance story as a character that is being played in a college role playing game. I was kicking ideas around with Jen when she asked me to collaborate on this with her, and I had the basic idea for the story and said that I wanted to use She Dwarf in it. Shortly after starting the romance story, I started getting the ideas for the webcomic. The release of this issue of Fresh Romance was delayed somewhat, and this webcomic was supposed to start running after the final chapter of the Fresh Romance story had come out. But, such is life, and I wanted to launch the webcomic on my birthday.

So if anyone really wants it spelled out, there is no direct tie in between the Fresh Romance story and Savage Beard. The Fresh Romance story occurs in a parallel reality where the King’s Road is a campaign setting and RPG rule set, and She Dwarf is a character that Dell rolled up when they moved to college.

Muscle Hawk says, “There is NO crossover, whatsoever!”


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