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It is Launched!

For the past 3 years, I kept telling myself I’d commit to a long term webcomic on my birthday. This Saturday, I turn 31. I’ve been a cartoonist for 9 years, and an amateur for most of that time. Belief in oneself is an expensive birthday gift, and it’s apparently taken 3 years to save up enough for it. I’m excited and terrified to bet on myself, to go all in on a comic that I am writing, drawing, inking, coloring, marketing, and ultimately selling on my own. I do this to myself with skeptical optimism informed by a broken heart. The world and the future are always inescapably hopeless unless we find the strength insist that they are not. She Dwarf is about that.

She Dwarf, at it’s core, is about the naiveté of doing something difficult without understanding how much it takes. It’s about starting something good for all the wrong reasons. It’s about buying wisdom at the price of mistakes made in ignorance. Also, it’s about dragons and barbarians and dwarves and junk. I hope you like it.

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